Urbackup 2.0.30 Cleanup window


I have come to this point in testing that i want to use UrBackup as full backup solution for my systems, but one thing that i need is to get rid of old backups automatically (cleanup window). I’m talking about full image backup (not incremetal). I but the cleanup time window in place but the cleanup never occures. am i correct if i but maximum backups to 2 and if the third backup finishes then after that in the cleanup window it has to delete the oldest image backup if im correct, but it dose not.

You could try running a manual cleanup after configuring all your settings.

I know for Windows Server inside C:\Program Files\UrBackupServer there are two .bat files you will want to run - cleanup.bat and remove_unknown.bat (I use remove_unknown.bat to be on the safe side).

There are scripts on the Linux distro, but I do not know where they are or how you activate them.

Running .bat file works. I got it working with cleanup window also. I had to run repair_database.bat and after that it did the cleanup as described.