Ur backup schedule not running correctly


Welcome to all.

I have recently installed UrBackup 2.3.7 server in Windows 10 in a 8 TB HDD. installed the clents on 10 pcs. (all windows 7 ) . I enabled only file backup below are the setting.

incremental - every 10 hrs interval.
full - 30 days
max. no incremental - 50 & minimum - 10
max.no full - 1 & minimum - 1
back up window for incremental & file backup - Sat-Thurs/19:30-22:30;Fri/0-24

The schedule has worked last week on time correctly but not starting any backup based on schedule now. The client debug log showing always like
20/03/19 09:50 DEBUG Sending backup incr interval…
21/03/19 08:31 DEBUG Getting client settings…
21/03/19 08:46 DEBUG Getting client settings…
21/03/19 08:50 DEBUG Getting client settings…
21/03/19 08:52 DEBUG Getting client settings…
21/03/19 09:53 DEBUG Getting client settings…

Anybody can help me to resolve this…

Thanks & regards


It can have a large number of reasons, e.g.

  • Previous backup failed and it is now exponentially backing off
  • Dataplan db + dataplan limit says not to backup specific Internet client
  • Set server to not run file backups
  • There are more than the configured max amount of backups already running

HI uroni,

Thanks for the update.

Backup is working if forced from server / client. only by schedule not starting.

Hi uroni, me too. Internet client is ok only if forced from server. Time schedule does not fire as other clients do.
I’ve installed with is pre-configured client from urbackup-server. All is ok but at time schedule backup does not fire. Any suggestion?
Thanks a lot.