UR-Backup + Owncloud bad combo?

Good Day,

Im having an irritating problem i use urbackup as incremental backups for many clients and as an offsite cloud service i use owncloud

the issue im haviing is the selected folders to sync with owncloud, so what happens when urbackup runs its incremental/full file i just get a bunch of shortcuts created in urbackup so the main folders never gets backed up because its also an owncloud sync

anyone know a way around this issue ?


May be ths will be helpful?

Hi i belive this is an excution list for owncloud itself ?

I dont know if this will fix the issue of urbackup creating shortcuts but im trying to see if i exclude all owncloud create files if it will solve my issue

this is my exclude comands il be putting in ur backup

I think you can add to this file needed filemasks that urbackup create to avoid owncloud copy them.

Hi thanks for helping>

The issue is still there but the weirdest part is now incrementals fail the entire time or not so to say fail but instead creates a full file backup

getting realy frustrated since its a 6 TB drive and the backups is only 1.3 TB and it only keeps 1 copy

Im 100% sure its owncloud since when it run then it creates full file backups instead of incrementals. It also then creates shortcuts over the folders that is selected to sync with owncloud so those folders dosnt backup but accourding to urbackup it was succesfull wich it is definitly not

When a exit owncloud completly then urbackups works 100% and incrementals work and no shortcuts created

Ok, just to clarify, are you trying to backup the UrBackup server backup storage with OwnCloud, or trying to backup a folder synced via OwnCloud from a client?

Then the operating systems involved would be important… (plus UrBackup + Owncloud versions?)

Hi Roni,

My client uses owncloud to access certain folders from any ware, owncloud is not used as a backup solution but as as a anytime aces feature

The urbackup is set to run as the backup solution

owncloud version 10.1
Urbackup Version 2.3.8
Running windows Server 2012
And the UrBackup server is cent os 7

Ok, no idea. If OwnCloud uses something like OneDrive (which I doubt), where the files aren’t stored normally (instead in some kind of cache database), that could be the reason (the files aren’t always present on disk anymore, but loaded “on-demand”).

Perhaps you can send/post me some (client) logs, or even “C:\Program Files\UrBackup\urbackup\data\filelist.ub”.

Definitly not the files are created on file explorer and for the most part used but the files are definitly there

Il send you the logs