UR Backup Client Ubuntu 14.04


I put a Windows Server 2012 as a great backup server. Now I want to auh aufnehemen our Linux server in the system
I have on all of our Linux server ext4 file system:
/ dev / sda1: UUID = “58be3e2a-6478-4ef7-aef8-a7c6ac04f9d9” TYPE = “ext4”

I would like to but the directory / home how?
far as I know you have to create those two files:

the “/etc/postfilebackup” looks like this:

btrfs subvolume delete /mnt/snap_root
btrfs subvolume delete /mnt/snap_home

the “/etc/prefilebackup” looks like this:

#if test -d /urbackup/backups/snap_root

btrfs subvolume delete /urbackup/backups/snap_root

#btrfs subvolume snapshot / /urbackup/backups/snap_root
if test -d /urbackup/backups/snap_home
btrfs subvolume delete /urbackup/backups/snap_home
btrfs subvolume snapshot /home /urbackup/backups/snap_home

I know btrfs which is the wrong command but is right for ext4
when I
Views I get the following results:

ERROR: ‘/urbackup/backups/snap_home’ is not a subvolume
ERROR: ‘/home’ is not a subvolume

What am I doing wrong?

The log in the Web Gui looks like this:

Level Zeitpunkt Nachricht
07.09.14 14:28
Error getting Client settings of rschmidt-VirtualBox. Errorcode: FILE_DOESNT_EXIST (3)
07.09.14 14:35
Constructing of filelist of “rschmidt-VirtualBox” failed: no backup dirs. Please add paths to backup on the client (via tray icon) or configure default paths to backup.
07.09.14 14:35
Backup had errors. Deleting partial backup.