Ur backup 2.2.23 client is not auto updating to 2.3.24

i am running the newest urback up server but it is not auto updateing any clients it did before this version

Are you using the only client that is autoupdating from the server?

You are far behind. My server is 2.5.31 and my clients are 2.5.23

Maybe you waited to long to update and have to do it manually now?

i have been on server 2.5.31 this was all working intill this server update to 31

do i have to download it to the server or something. It should auto download it self when the update is avaliable. i dont even have an update option on the clients side if i go to about

Nope, not if you choose the only server version that updates the clients.

I find that hard to believe if your clients are THAT old version.
My clients have been 2.5.21 for a LOOOONG time before latest update.

Try reinstalling the clients to the latest ones then.

I have zero info on what system you use so I can’t say more.

i just realized that was my dumb typo i am so sorry for the confusion. my clients are on 2.5.23 not 2.2.23 that was a typo on my part my apologies all the clients are running 2.5.23 but wont auto update to 2.5.24 and my urbackup server is on 2.5.31

this was a typo on my part i am so sorry to everyone backup clients are on 2.5.23 and wont update to 2.5.24

That explains it a bit.

Now that you mention it, I didn’t know there was a 24 out, mine are also 23. I would just wait a bit and see if it updates by itself and if it moves beyond 24 is when I would start worrying.

Unless you have any errors, I don’t think you have to worry.

But if you REALLY want to update, you can always download the clients at UrBackup - Download UrBackup for Windows, GNU/Linux or FreeBSD

Thank you

guessing this is still an issue

Not sure.

On my “main” server, running on a debian system my clients are still 2.5.23, but on a test server that I have to compile the server from source, the clients are 2.5.24.
Both servers are 2.5.31.


That might actually explain a few things happening when trying to connect teh 23 clients to the arch-arm server!!

I haven’t looked into it, but it might be because the debian package is a little older than the bleeding edge version I compile.

But yes, this seems to be an issue that only the devs can answer as I see it.

The latest version of the client on the download page is indeed 24, not 23.

Seems the new Server update has resolved this issue. UrBackup 2.5.32