Upgraded to 2.2.7 --> Internet Settings gone for clients


I upgraded my server this weekend, and since then there are no more new back-ups after the client updates to 2.2.7.

I’ve looked at a client, and there is an error message that there is no internet server configured.
If I go to settings, internet server and auth key is indeed empty.

For now my only solution is to completely remove the client en reïnstall with a new download. Downloading and installing the new client without first uninstalling doesn’t work.

I hope there is a possible fix for this without having to remotely connect to all my clients and do these steps.
For the moment I have unchecked the option to automatically update clients, but I’m afraid the damage is already done at 90% of the clients.


I, too, had this happen with at least one client. I know of at least one more client in which the upgrade was seamless, and without error. Unfortunately I don’t have anymore useful details to provide. Both clients are Windows 10, but the failed one is a real laptop from behind a NAT, and the working one is a VM image, also behind a NAT.


Server 2.2.7
Client : 2.2.4 !

this problem often happens when updating client
just put the right parameters client side

maybe you can open port 35623 UDP to simulate “local server” in other case

I have gone over the changes and investigated possible causes, but did not find the cause. Any further hints to narrow it down would be appreciated.

E.g. do you use groups? Was the setup wizard used on the clients (contents of setup_wizard.cfg)? Is the client allowed to change settings?

I think it is the setup wizard. It is run with the wrong working directory during update and because of that replaces all settings with the default values.

A symptom is a file "C:\Program Files\UrBackup\urbackup\setup_wizard.cfg" which is created incorrectly. Will publish a new version ASAP. Sorry, this doesn’t help clients with already deleted settings.

Wow, thanks for figuring this out on such little information. Sorry I couldn’t be more help, but the computer that definitely had the problem is offline, packed away, and had already had the broken client removed and reinstalled.

Same for us after server upgrade. Half of the clients lost their settings. The other half is about to.

Thank you for finding this so quickly, half my clients have updated I think, other half has been stopped by unchecking the auto update.

Is there an easy way to reconfigure the clients without having to completely uninstall / reinstall?


in my case :

  • no group
  • client is allowed to change settings

Hi, I have around 30 clients affected with this problem, all are running 2.1.17 … is there anyway I can do a fix for that without going one by one? Im pretty sure not :frowning: but I would like also to see what will be the best method to fix it: re-downloading the Client with the settings and reinstalling it? or just change the settings on the client old app 2.1.17 and wait to be fixt it by itself? Suggestions please

Thank you


As i understand, this problems affects only windows client configured using internet (i don’t have this setting).

I think that if you use psexec, you can change settings.cfg on the client and it would work
You would need to add if they are absent or edit theses lines


You d need to read up on psexec and use a script like this.

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I have found the easiest way to fix it is to stop the urbackup service, kill the urbackupclient (sometimes it doesn’t want to exit)
Then go to c:\program files\urbackup\urbackup\data
Then rename settings.cfg to settings old.cfg
And rename settings_.cfg to settings.cfg

Start the service, start the client, wait for the waiting period set up and the back-up should start.

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Great if you have fewer clients. Once you have to deal with 30+ computers, one day is lost. Anyway, I have re-downloaded clients and reinstalled all.

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