Upgrade from 2.38 to 2.49 now backups fail

Backups now fail–they take forever and just time out. Server is running on Ubuntu 18.04, it’s the latest and the client is the latest.

I noticed it’s trying to do an image backup of D, which it never did before and then throwing an error but continuing. Then it seems to get stuck and just time out. I’m doing an Internet backup with no encryption. The file is on a local lan on a different subnet with no speed problems in the networking.

No idea why it’s failing. Any suggestions on what to look at or try. I set the client to have separate setting to remove the attempt to image backup D. Wonder why it’s doing that.

I set the clients to not inherit the default settings, removed d from image backups and restarted the urbackup client and server and now it’s working.

I don’t know why it’s trying that image backup on d by default now.