Update database directly

We already have a monitoring and intentoring system to monitor and manage all our computers. We would like to incorporate in this the ability to monitor the backups from urbackup.
Our system has the ability to read data from databases and I would like to ask if I could use the information by connecting to the database (through sqlite). Would this cause a problem to the system stability?
Also, if I update a field (ex create a user, or change soft quota, or force a backup to start) directy to the database, would urbackup use it? Would it affect system stability?

Our main goal is to use our monitoring system to see if backup has been executed, check backup size (increase in the backup size could be a sing for ransomware), force a backup or change some basic backup options. And we would like to do it by directly accessing the database. Our tech could create an api to connect the two systems.

these 2 would be python , sever side :

this would be bash or python + json:
you can also ask the status clientside from urbackupclientctl then parse the json output

Very nice feature! I 'll give it a try!