Update client through web interface


Since the issues with the latest uprade I’ve disabled the auto update for clients.
Silent install for clients is still enabled.

It would be nice if I could trigger the update per client on the web interface, so that it updates the next time it connects.


Stable updates don’t come along all that frequently. When you see an update you like, turn on auto updates, then turn it off after your clients have had time to connect and update. You can always update test clients manually to see if a particular update fits your needs.

Yes I understand we can always update manually, but in the latest update I don’t think that would have caught the bug since it was inherent to the silent installer if I recall correctly.

If would be very nice if we could select say 5 clients at a time, set an internal next version auto update flag, whereas when they connect they get updated.
If problems should arise we only have 5 clients with possible issues.

Maybe this is the first time that such a bug surfaces, but at the moment I only have 25 clients, of which I had to call 10 of them. If we were a year from now I would have had to call 40 …

My guess is that this wouldn’t really be such a big change in the code. Instead of looking for the server flag if auto update is enabled, have another option where the flag is per client.
Setting the flag could be under the “more” menu together with “incremental, full, remove client”.

Maybe an option on the client itself to get the update from the server would be nice as well.

And a last request. Under Activiteit of the web interface we can see when a client is updating. It would be nice if we could see it under “Last Activities” as well.