Unknown compression method from server

I updated all clients from 2.5.3 to 2.5.9 and the server to 2.5.16.
On a raspberry pi 3 (kernel 5.4.72+) a got the error ‘Unknown compression method from server: “zstd”’.

Anyone an idea?

Looks like the fallback to zlib is broken and zstd is missing. Did you compile the client yourself? With or without zstd (apt install libzstd-dev/--enable-embedded-zstd)?

I have this error in the server log with windows 10 clients.

That can’t be. The error message is only present in clients.

I’ll go back to 2.5.9 client and test.

OK. It is working now, but a few days ago I had a situation when a message regarding the unavailability of ZSTD compression was being logged by the server. Could that happen with 2.5.9 client and a downlevel server ? I had some difficulties with my FreeNAS jail and cycled through a few server versions.

I took the client from https://beta.urbackup.org/Client/2.5.9%20beta
I updated the client on the server and the server updated all clients.

The error message is in the client log and only on the raspberry pi.
Libzstd1 is installed.

On a second arm device (odroid XU4) the client is working well.
Should I try to reinstall the client directly with ‘UrBackup Client Linux 2.5.9 beta.sh’?

I tried to reinstall 2.5.9 without success. Now I downgraded to 2.5.7. This client started a backup but it failed with errorcode: BASE_DIR_LOST (7)

A second run works well with client 2.5.7

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