Unix exclusion file list

My first post here trying to implement urbackup on an mixed Unix/windows environment to replace good old Cobian Backup.
I’m running the server on a Unix machine (debian based) and I’m trying to backup from a Unix file server.
I’ve got almost everytnig working (great piece of software by the way, permissions, ownership, ACLs, everything is there) but I’m struggling with simple exclusion lists.
My backup list is something like this:
and I want to exclude all tmp sub folders no matter where on the file tree they are.
If I read the documentation right, I have to add /tmp/ to the exclude file list but it doesn´t work. The “tmp” are included in the backups.
What am I doing wrong? I’ve read a lot of threads and it really seems simple but can’t get it to work. Should I be using :/tmp/* instead?

Thanks for a great program and any help you can provide.
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If you don’t want to backup all directories named tmp regardless where they are: */tmp (*/tmp/* if you don’t want to backup the directory content).

It’s simple actually. It has a path /foo/bar/tmp and if it matches an exclude glob pattern (e.g. /foo/ba* or */tmp or /:/:/tmp) it gets excluded.

thank you for your reply.
ok. it makes sense. I assumed /tmp/ would exclude the content AND the directory itself.

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