Uninstall on Mac does not work

Any idea how to uninstall UrBack on Mac? The “Uninstall” menu item fails with a notification saying that it could not be done, dragging the app to the trash fails, the processes restart if manually killed.

2.2.4 beta uninstall script works for me… which is located here, at least running that manually could help you narrow down where the issue is… /Applications/UrBackup Client/Contents/MacOS/sbin/urbackup_uninstall

It seams to be a permission issue.
The path is actually “/Applications/UrBackup\ Client.app/Contents/MacOS/sbin/urbackup_uninstall”
and if I run the uninstall script with sudo it works

To uninstall:

  1. open terminal
  2. type: cd /Applications/UrBackup\ Client.app/Contents/MacOS/sbin
  3. type: sudo sh urbackup_uninstall
  4. Enter your password
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Perhaps another option to try is AppCleaner for Mac: it attempts to remove remnant files and folders in addition to uninstalling the program.


On my client machine(s) running Mac os 10.13 (high sierra) on APFS I sometimes see this behaviour, too. Logging out and logging in again and immediately uninstalling the client does the trick for me :slight_smile: