Understanding server "backup window" configuration

The default backup window setting appears like this …


Can I do …


Meaning, everything starts at midnight?

Why is there always a #-# situation. I don’t want to go against best practice here.

Are you asking why there are two numbers on each side of the slash? Then… eh… the left one is the weekdays and the right is the times you want on those weekdays, start time and until time.

If your question is “how do I always start a backup at midnight”, well, I guess your best bet to ensure that would be to set the client to run backups each 23 hours, and then let backups run between 0-23 and let at least one our for cleanup.

I’m only talking bout the ## to the RIGHT of the / now …

A follow-up question. Does “0-24” mean “backups can run during this time”? If I put 0-3, does that mean backups can ONLY run during this time and outside of that window scheduled backups MUST wait until the next day?

If a backup starts at 1 AM (assuming a 0-3 window), does that men the backup will be PAUSED if it runs passed 3 AM? I’m just trying to clearly understand the mechanic behind this parameter.

Don’t you have these? It’s all pretty clear…


The backup window tells UrBackup when it can start backups. Once a backup starts, it will continue until:

  • the backup completes,
  • the backup is stopped by an administrator,
  • or the UrBackup Server service is stopped.

UrBackup is stubborn, though, and may try to restart any unfinished backups when the Server is restarted. This protects against losing scheduled backups if a hardware or software fault causes the backup to be interrupted.

There is no setting that controls how long a backup may run. At one point, due to my inexperience with UrBackup, I regularly had backup jobs running overnight and into the next work day. This slowed down the network, so I added a scheduled task to shut down the UrBackup Server in the morning and restart it after closing time. Fortunately, once I learned to make better backup selections, backups finished in less than an hour and I no longer needed to shut down the server.

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That should NEVER be the sollution. Imagine you run a backup and just pull the plug, yes, hopefully urbackup pauses (because I assumed you ran shutdown hold or something like that) and then resumes when the server starts up but DO NOT USE THAT METHOD! DO NOT ASSUME THINGS WILL STOP PERFECTLY IF YOU FORCE A SHUTDOWN!
Configure the backups with time windows, allow urbackup to run the cleanup functions sometime during the 24hrs and that’s it.
I realize now after re-reading, you only shut down urbackup (the service I assume) but that is still not a solution, that is like putting duct tape on something and considering it repaired. xD
My post is not actually directed at you @Don_Wright but rather OP. You seem to have a pretty clear picture of what is going on with urbackup.
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And for how to start them at midnight, I already gave you the answer.
I would even use 2 hours for cleanup (backups 0-22 and run every 23 hours), because then you make 1000% sure you are not super unlucky and that ONE MINUTE that theoretically might be within the 23hrs will never be true.

Besides, I do not know what os you use for your server, but I haven’t rebooted my raspberry pi, or urbackupsrv for months, I probably have to soon though, because I suspect new kernels will be released in the next update I run. But if Urbackup fails to the degree only a reboot is solving it, there is something VERY wrong with the system over all. And if you have to restart urbackup to keep it working, there something wrong with your setup/installation.

There is a reason I posted the link to the manual. This is a pretty complicated piece of software, you are a sysadmin now and it is assumed you KNOW and understand the system/software.
That manual should be read completely at least ONCE to get a light understanding of how urbackup works. After that you will find most answers pretty quick by looking through the index at the top.
If not, this forum is an extension, but should not be abused with questions you will find within 1 minute, or even PRESSING THE “?” BUTTON RIGHT WHERE YOU DO THE SETTINGS!
The only thing THAT shows is that you put zero effort into trying to learn anything about urbackup.
And me for one, am not very interested in supporting “lazy” people.
rant over

PLEASE STOP ASSUMING EVERYONE ELSE IS AN IDIOT AND WORK ON READING COMPREHENSION. Yes you eventually edited your message, but you should have deleted it without posting the first time. Your hostility in giving just an RTFM response to the OP when asking for clarification is going to drive new users away. That is why I added my text.

No documentation is perfect. That is why the “…for Dummies” line of books is so popular. They cover the same information WITH A FRIENDLY TONE that people prefer to a dry technical document.

Since you are not interested in supporting “lazy” people, I expect you will now leave this forum and never post anywhere again.

I’m not assuming anybody is “an idiot”, I assume you are LAZY because of the reasons I stated.
You did not even press the “?” because if you did, it is ALL explained in there.

I’m done with this forum yes, I hope you are more valuable to help the community than I am. A guy that cant even figure out how to setup the basic stuff.

I have helped ppl constantly in this forum, WAY more than any other tbh, but I help ppl WHO TRIED BUT FAILED, not lazy ppl who doesn’t give two fks about trying to learn.
But if It’s not appreciated, then fk it.
I have better things to do.

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@anon16079863 I don’t know exactly what happened here but I totally get what you mean. I’m reading this forum quite a lot and I’ve seen some of that silencing. I think he is just too busy with UrBackup and his stuff so probably don’t have time to manage community very well. Yeah sometimes it seems heavy handed but still I would assume no hard feelings, just the lack of time.

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I was taken a-back by the original reply, so I just didn’t respond. I didn’t explain myself as clear as i had hoped in my original post, and i was punished for this in the reply. I appreciated the clarified response because my main goal is to understand the logic that UrBackup uses and the extra particular details (like how UrBackup is stubborn and will resume backups after restarting). I like to know the details behind the details so I don’t loose customer data.

I’m glad that I hesitated to say something. I am extremely grateful for this product and I hope the forum can continue on-wards.