Unchanged files in incremental backup

Hi I see backuped files in incremental backup, but them are untouched / unchanged - any ideas why they are included ?


Don’t worry: if they are untouched/unchanged, they won’t use space compared to the previous backup. In fact you can see this by going in Backups > ‘Computer Name’ > Last backup and check the size.

What you are looking at is basically a Browse Mode which allows to see the content of the backup and eventually restore it! Actually this is a great feature because you can browse different versions like Windows File History / Apple Time Machine.

Sorry, still not sure I got you: seems like I have 100500 copies same file :smiley:

Thank you and kind regards!

thanks for the awesome information.

Yes, it is expected. Look at the Version column. You probably have only 1 version.
What you see is the original file size, not the backup size!