Unable to set network drive path as Backup storage path

Hi Team, I am new on this platform, however, when I tried to add network drive path with double slashes at the beginning \\VMs\urbackup as Backup storage path, it gives me error: (err_long_create_failed). The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. (code: 123)
UrBackup Server has trouble storing files to backup storage with the maximum file name length it was compiled with (255 UCS-2 code points/UTF-16 with max 2*255 bytes). There might be issues when backing up files/folders with long file name.


  • Use a different method to access the backup storage (e.g. iSCSI, NFS)
  • Use a different SMB server
  • Ignore the warning, acknowledging that in the rare case that a client has a file with a name with more than ~150 e.g. cyrillic characters there will be issues and you’d be on your own since you have been warned :wink:

Thanks for reply, Could you please let me know the link which can explain the different method to access the backup storage (e.g. iSCSI, NFS)?

i also want to add path to synology but receive error

iSCSI is generally done from a NAS, its a target setup on the NAS thats presented over an iSCSI target, servers can be configured in the BIOS to connect to iSCSI server, its a driver letter. Generally Windows can do this as well (not sure if anything was removed from Windows 10 as they seem to be taking huge amounts out, like SNMP and other nice features).

You generally wouldn’t want to use iSCSI as its a pain, if you shut the NAS down while the PC using the iSCSI target is running, thats identical to ripping the SATA cable out the drive while your using it.

NFS (Network File System) is a non Microsoft version of SMB (Server Message Block), both are file sharing methods.

Ive have also seen this error, not sure why its coming up as we have other backup software using the same shares on the same NAS storing files and paths that are 100’s of characters in length, no issues…