Unable to save server settings after upgrade to 2.5.26

After Upgrade from 2.4.15 to 2.5.26 we are not able to save server settings from the web interface. Example, I try to uncheck “do not do file backups”, but after click ‘save’ button, nothing happens. Could this be something simple? Thanks.

Ubuntu 20.04

Another issue with the web interface… after just VIEWING the “Internet/Active client” of a machine It’s changing the “Auth Key” to a specific auth key… incognito browser, and browser on another machine happens the same. That’s a major issue. This occurs on multiple servers, clients, and browsers.

Could you explain that a bit more? Which page are you viewing exactly? Are we talking about the Client → “Internet” tab an the 2nd input box, holding the Auth-Key?

To what key does it change?

I dont see any line of code which sets the auth_key to a fixed string, yet.

Do you could raise the log level and create a complete startup log, trigger the “bug” and attach it here? Maybe some interesting things to see there, but not sure.

Yes, that is exactly the page and input box (Auth Key) I am referring to… its pulling the internet key from its current ‘group’ it appears. Once I program it once, it fixes it and remains the next time I ‘view’ it. The clients remained connected initially, so the setting doesn’t change UNTIL I view that page. I’m manually inputting the key from another UrBackup 2.4.15 server for each client to resolve that upgrade issue there.

The other issue remains still where I can’t change any ‘General’ server settings. I can change other settings (mail, user, group, client, etc… ), but not general server. This occurs on multiple servers. I will try your debugging suggestion, thanks!

I figured out the problem with not saving ‘General’ server settings. It’s because it didn’t like the entry under 'Internet/Active Clients ’ > ‘Server URL clients connect to:’ … I had 2 internet servers originally configured as following format: 'server1;server2; and after 2.5 server upgrade they became listed as ‘urbackup://server1;server2’ … but urbackup 2.5 it does not like that format. Is there a way to add multiple internet servers in 2.5? Thanks.

Maybe try urbackup://server1;urbackup://server2 ?
Just guessing…

Thanks, yes tried that, but doesn’t allow the submit with a semicolon ; in the field anywhere… lets submit if settings with a comma there, but that obviously doesn’t configure clients properly

@jayrehme did you find a solution? The same problem here - unable to save ANY server side settings when multiple internet addresses are configured.

Console outputs this when trying to save:

Uncaught TypeError: internet_servers.split is not a function

I have not found a solution, waiting to upgrade our second server until this gets fixed/implemented in the 2.5 version of Server, because redundancy is important

@jayrehme It’s been a while but recently I got pressured to solve it when one of my servers was struggling with daily cleanups and I was not able to adjust min/max values because of this issue.

Turns out to be a really simple bug, I will submit a PR tonight and then nag @uroni to merge it :wink:

Let me know if you want to fix it manually via browser console - naturally the fix will not be persistent, but the server will save new settings and continue working just fine - tested in prod. You don’t change your settings on a daily basis I guess.

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Thank you so much for possibly finding a resolution for this! Hopefully, I can finally upgrade the other server!

Did this make it into the 2.5.30 update? I can still not change server settings with the ‘;’ in the "Server URL clients connect to:’ field. Thanks!

It was merged into the main branch but for some reason didn’t make it yet into the 2.5.x :frowning:

Hello again. Changelog for 2.5.31 says it’s finally in.

Thank you so much for that! I have been finally able to upgrade the 2nd server to the latest version and can now upgrade clients!