Unable to run urbackup_restore_2.4.2 on MSI motherboard

Hello, and thank you for your help. I have a problem for boot on a usb key created from the urbackup_restore_2.4.2.iso image.
Indeed, the USB key works well since it manages to boot on “old” motherboards. But here, I try on a recent motherboard and it doesn’t work. The screen turns off right after choosing the grub. I think it’s probably a compatibility problem with legacy boot on new motherboards… Is there a new ISO planned soon?

+1 same problem. I have an extra PC with an MSI PRO H410M-B motherboard that I’m trying to restore from an older PC. I tried both image options to no avail.

Hopefully, this gets attention.

It’s probably a general Linux issue (see e.g. Reddit - Dive into anything ).

The Restore will soon be updated to a new Debian version (with newer Linux kernel). Maybe that’ll fix it.

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That is excellent news! Hopefully, it gets out soon as older systems are now being replaced with newer hardware. I was able to test and restore a newer system to an Intel NUC6CAYS with no issue. Now will try to test backup and restore a Dell AIO PC (have to get the exact model) with about 100GB of user data. Hope everything works without encountering any issues.

By the way, if you need additional testers, maybe I can help. This is my way of contributing to a great product. Thanks!