Unable to restore

I am using the Linux server version 2.1.19 on Debian.

I setup an NFS from my storage host to the Urbackup server. Backups work beautifully, the files are located on the NFS. However, I went to restore a device and I am met with errors. This error occurs for both Download as Zip and Restore via Client.

From the UrBackup.log file in /var/log/

2017-08-01 15:56:15: ERROR: Error opening file “/STORAGE/urbackup/COMPUTER/path/to/file.txt” for ZIP file download. Operation not permitted (code: 1)
2017-08-01 15:56:15: ERROR: Error while adding files and folders to ZIP archive

Not sure what this means.

The NFS is mounted simply. /STORAGE nfs defaults,rw,auto,bg 0 0

When inspecting the NFS folder /STORAGE
The urbackup user and urbackup group are owners for the urbackup folder.
All folders contained therein have “99” as user and “users” group for owners on the folders.

As I understand the user 99 is a default anonymous user for NFS.

Any thoughts?


I ran

chown urbackup:urbackup /STORAGE/urbackup/* -R

This corrected the file permissions and seems to work for the ones it has already processed. (Chown is still in the process of updating files. Lots of data/files)

However, how can I prevent this from happening again?

I’ve just run into the “operation not permitted” error while trying to recover a directory aswell. All my files appear to be owned by nobody.nogroup (see below)… The odd thing is if I check the error, and go and manually choose the file listed, I can download it just fine. So it appears the problem is specific to whatever is done to try and generate the zip file, not the fact the permissions themselves are “wrong”.

It appears the ownership may be due to the crappy NAS I’m using (an old Seagate BA220). Every file I’ve ever copied to it over NFS (regardless of the computer I used and how I mounted it) is set to nobody. It’s like it’s resetting or ignoring any UIDs sent. Haven’t looked into it much - maybe there’s something I can change to fix that.