Unable to restore Linux Backup to a new Linux machine

I am tryning to restore a Linux Backup to a new istalled Linux. The steps I have done are :
1)Take backup for my original Linux machine
2) Install a new Linux machine and change the hostname with the original one
3) Shutdown the old machine and install Urbackup client to the new one. (after installing I change the cleint setting “RESTORE=server-confirms” so I can start the restore from Servers Gui)
4) Then after a reboot I start to restore some folders

After starting the restore I got the message
Cannot read files from folder /media/backup/backups/client.local/210406-1409/rootfs/writable. Cannot start restore.

I have tryied also with the command line form urbackupclientctl but neither from there works.

Ηas any of you tried this ?