Unable to mount image - ubuntu pi server

the mount button appears but nothing is displayed when clicked

on the server side I tested the manual mount command

sudo urbackup_mount_helper mount client 170318-1631_Image_C Image_C_170318-1631.vhdz
Loading FUSE kernel module…
Starting VHD background process…
Waiting for background process to become available…

Timeout while waiting for background process. Please see logfile (/var/log/urbackup-fuse.log) for error details.
UrBackup mount process returned non-zero return code

the urbackup-fuse.log shows

2017-03-26 11:51:25: Mounting VHD via fuse…
2017-03-26 11:51:25: VHD-Parent: “/media/BACKUP/urbackup/client/170318-1631_Image_C/Image_C_170318-1631.vhdz”
2017-03-26 11:51:26: Volume offset is 524288 bytes. Configure via --offset
2017-03-26 11:55:28: Mounting VHD via fuse…
2017-03-26 11:55:28: Volume offset is 524288 bytes. Configure via --offset

Registered to post that I have the exact same issue and have no idea how to fetch the data from the image file.

Tried to copy the folder to a Windows machine, installed urbackup server and used the batch files to uncompress but could not mount the image in Windows “Disk management” tool.

Anyone knows a way?
Could I try running a new urbackup server from a Linux vm, copy the image and mount it from there without any issues (presumably) incase the issue is related to the rpi?

Really need to get some data of this backup and will certainly not use vhdz on the rpi if it can’t handle those compressed images.