Unable to get it to work on CentOS 6.7 x64



As per subject. Somehow, I got it to work with 2.2.4 and everything was working fine and backing up as expected. Client 2.2.5 arrived and the existing 2.2.4 was updated. No errors whatsoever. Since then, I just can’t get it to work. No urbackup on the processes list when checked with TOP. Installation process went well. I also tried to remove it and install 2.2.6. Same thing. No luck. Can anyone please guide me where to look for problems? Thank you.



Check what happens if you start it manually as root with e.g. urbackupclientbackend -v debug


Got it to work by running uninstall command and removing what’s left behind after server was restarted. Next, I connected remotely to our server and preconfigured package was downloaded by running given command line for that particular client. All is back to normal. Thank you Uroni.