Unable to detect urbackup client due to couple of issues

Dear Team,

I have attached the urbackup Server log.
I did an upgrade from version 2.4.13 to 2.5.27 (server) while version 2.5.23 ( client) on 7th March.
I have encountered multiples of error on 13th March
Im trying my best to understand the error however I cant search the solution online.
Hope to seek advise from the experts.

Thank you
Server log.txt (94.1 KB)

The server log implies that the server is trying to purge some image-based backups, but it can’t find those backups in its repository. I’m assuming that the server is Windows-based, and that backups are stored on Drive E:?

I have to admit that I didn’t view the entire log due to the innumerable ‘missing file’ entries. You may need to verify whether those backups actially exist first by browsing the directory structure, and then defrag the database, followed by removing any unknown entries, to clean up the catalog. That will remove all of the clutter that’s in the way.

If the files do exist, then you may have a permissions issue in the directory structure. I’m not sure of the requirements on the Windows side, but I know that Linux needs both the ‘urbackup’ user and the ‘urbackup’ group to have full permissions.

Was 2.5 an in-place upgrade or fresh install? The log implies that the clients found are “new”, but that their responses imply they are pre-existing, which would mean that their keys (if I recall correctly) don’t match.

From the description in your original post title, this seems very similar to the problem I’ve been seeing with one of my clients: (" Client no longer connecting on local network after DB clean up? ").
In my case: the client connects to the server and establishes the necessary encryption keys after I reinstall it (the client), the server sees that the client is online, but it won’t allow it to backup anything. No solution other than the suggested action of wiping everything and reinstalling it all over again (both server and all the clients - at the same time) from scratch. Haven’t done this yet because it’ll be a lot of work, just to chase down all the portable laptop client systems from my other family members.

Pretty sure that something in the server’s DB is what’s stopping the server from actually backing up this one client - but have no idea what the DB schema is and what fields could be set wrong to cause the problem. I’ve tried running all the DB clean up scripts with no effect on this problem. Looking forward to seeing what solution you find!

Dear All,

I choose the hardest way which is as below :

  1. to uninstall the existing version of urbackup client ( for all the devices)
  2. For my case, I use a new hard disk drive to save the backup
  3. To re-initiate the backup job for all devices

Thank you