Unable to connect


I’m running centos 6.8. I d/l the current release but its for centos 7 and won’t install.

I found an older release on rpm.pbone.net for scientific linux but its not working. Maybe its a bad package.

I installed it, enabled it and opened port 55414. All I get is unable to connect.

With it being installed in /var/www/urbackup, there should be a .conf file or something in /etc/httpd/conf.d with an alias or something since it isn’t installed in the webserver root directory.

Is there a current version for centos/rhel 6.x?


Don’t know what rpm.pbone.net is, but this is where you can locate the older official releases:

Whereas the files I believe you are looking for are here (kot1grun had some revisions for Centos 6):