Unable to change custom client settings for offline clients

I’m currently running UrBackup 2.5.30 on Debian Linux.
I’m unable to change custom client settings when client is offine.
I have one client that is offline now for quite some time but I’d like to keep its backup data.
I’m tryning to change the alert settings(some big number), so that Urbackup doesn’t complain about recent backups.
Urbackup says that settings are saved ok, but when you go back to client settings it is still the old value.

Any ideas?

This might not resolve your issue, but you could try to check the checkbox to completely (temporarily) disable all image and file backups for that client. You can just keep the schedule. What might be the issue is that that “some big number” is too large a value for that field and urbackup rollsback or even overflow. What if you put something like 14 days in there? Does that stick?

Anyway for your usecase i would use that checkbox. Also maybe archive the most recent backup to make sure that will stick around, regardless of retention (btw dont remove the client, that WILL remove that archived backup too).

Same, goes back to 3 (the default).
Other settings like disabling the backups seems to stick.

It shouldn’t complain now. Thanks.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t fix my issue.

The web interface is now all green as backups are disabled.

But my monitoring software(based on GitHub - uroni/urbackup-server-python-web-api-wrapper: Python wrapper to access and control an UrBackup server) still sees that the last backup is too old and flags an issue with backups

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Also I’ve tried to change the backup interval to a really big number, so that with the low alert settings will be ok but still no luck.

Now, I can’t even go back and enable the backups for this client. The disable backups checkbox is unticked but the Status page still shows backups as Disbaled (server was rebooted a number of times but still)