Unable to bypass Appliance setup Wizard

Having taken the Azure Marketplace offering of UrBackup Appliance, I am unable to complete the setup wizard.

I have some free credits every month for Azure and it’s enough to run the UrBackup Appliance that is offered on the marketplace. It isn’t enough for storage, so I’ve gone with Wasabi, mostly for the price.

I’m trying to work my way through the UrBackup Appliance setup and since there isn’t any actual documentation, it was a bit of fun. I finally got past the login and I find that it is stuck in a wizard that only allows me to add Azure Block Storage.

Is there no way around this?

Can you create a blob storage, use it, then later switch from it to S3 in settings and delete it again?

In the newest version you can also add #force_login=true to the URL to make it skip the wizard.

But you somehow have to get to the newest version. Maybe leave it running 24h so that it auto-updates?

After 24 hours, it didn’t update automatically.

I tried the CLI update but that fails, right out of the box.

I’ll try the temporary Azure Blob Storage, as my next move.

Well that worked. A temporary Azure Blob Storage got me through the wizard and then I was able to switch to Amazon S3 storage, hook up my Wasabi account, and delete the Azure Block Storage account.