Unable to boot VM after restore

I have two Windows 10 VM`s that where running in vmware with imagebackup.
From the webconsole I can see that both SYSVOL and C is backed up.

Booting from either restore CD 2.3.1 or 2.4.2 allows me to restore the VM to a new vmware esxi server.
Neither of them will boot, “Operating system not found”

I have tried to boot with a Windows 10 iso and follow the fixmbr steps.

This fails on some steps, no access and no windows installations found.

I have noticed that the sysvol/system partition does not seem to be primary active partition, at leasts not always.

To test/verify I made sure a windows 2019 server we have running backup of also includes SYSVOL and C:, did a test restore - and I have the same issue, no boot device found.

Workaround for others that have the same issue.
I also did a test, where I made a fresh VM, installed Windows 10. Then booted the Urbackup recovery iso, and choose to only restore the datadisk. This actually made the VM bootable and working. But is not a “straight” forward approach since it requires you to pre-install a VM before restoring. Which takes some time, time that you might not have in a real life scenario.

To save time one could have ready windows server VM`s as templates in vmware for quick restore in the future.

My question is as follows, do we need to include more in the backup settings?
Is this a known issue?

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