Unable to access previous backups after client PC formated

I have implemented URBackup Server (Version 2.4.13) in CentOS and configured several windows clients (versions 2.4.10 & 2.4.11). It was observed that when the client PC was formated and reinstalled client software, it is able to connect Server and backups are also occurring properly. The problem is that client is unable to see their previous backups from the client PCs. But, it is available in the server and as an admin I can able to see and download.

This type of issue occurred on all the clients which are reconnected after formatting the PC.
Please provide the solution if you can.

Thank you.

You have to download the installer from the Urbackup Web administration and install it on the client.

Is the new client using the same key as the old client of the same name was using?

We downloaded from the URBackup Server only. Even though, client is unable to see old backups.

I think, when we download & install from the URBackup Server, it will have the same key. That is why client is able to take backups and storing in the same client of backup server. As an administrator, I am able to see all the backups that is old & new (before and after formatting the PC) on same client.

Any more ideas?


The host name needs to be renamed to the old host name

Both host names are the same. Eventhough, unable to access old backups.

So, you are saying that from the client, you can see recent backups that have been performed since the reformat, but not backups from before that?


Are you performing image backups or file backups?

File Backups only

I have the same issue. New installed client does not see old backups for this PC.
Linux client v2.4.11.0

same issue here. :frowning_face:
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