Ubuntu Server Client > which drives are backed up?

I’ve been running URBackup server in a Docker for some time with various Windows machines, and it’s been great!!

I installed a client on a Ubuntu server that runs some containers (dockers). Upon installing the client, it prompted me to change something about the disk structure. I wasn’t sure what that meant and couldn’t find a simple explanation. In the end, I just went with what I thought was the best option. Option 4 the Linux built-in one, if I recall correctly.

I reviewed the documentation, and the section on Linux clients is thin. There’s no mention of the requirement for that conversion to the volume or why it has to happen for it to work. Nor any details on which of the options is the better option to go with. I took a chance and went with it.

The client did install, and the server discovered it and performed an image, Yay! But the image is ONLY of the C drive, which, as far as I know, there is no C drive in an Ubuntu system. The image is also only 5GB in size where the system is installed on a 256GB SSD. And it appears to me that there’s more data in the system than what is backed up, 18GB+;

I’m not a Linux pro by any means -I’m very good at borking systems, which is the reason why I’d like to get a backup/restore solution in place I can trust! These servers are my homelab self-teaching classroom! I do need to find a good TUT or explainer video on Linux HDD management. Perhaps this will all make more sense once I do catch on to how this works. I do want to resize the OS drive and move the docker persistent storage to another drive in the system. Once that’s done I can create a new base image.

Can anyone expand on running clients in a Ubuntu server and whether what I have set up is working correctly and will be restored if needed?

Thanks in advance all, and thanks to DEV for building this little gem of a project!!!