Ubuntu 18.04 PPA

Long story short, I had the system disk of my home server running Ubuntu 16.04 fail catastrophically about 3 weeks ago. I was using UrBackup on the server to backup windows clients.

All the client backup data was on a raid partition and is intact and also backed up nightly to an external disk. The important parts of the system disk are backed up separately to an external disk.

I’ve reinstalled on new hardware with Ubuntu 18.04. Will the PPA be updated soon?

With the next server update. Use the OpenSUSE link if you want it now.

Thanks. I’m not sure I need it NOW :-). It depends on what the ETA for the next release is. If it is only days or a few weeks away, I can wait.

We had two updates fairly recently. Is another one due soon?

Is there any way exist to install UrBackup server manually on Ubuntu 18.04?

Any News???


Also interested, but the .deb from the openSUSE build server works for me. Try this link:

Thanks dadadog, i know, uroni has suggested himself but his repo would be the right way?
The post is already a bit longer ago and I just wanted to know if something changes in a timely manner in this direction.


Hi Everyone, yeah I can’t get it to work with 18.04 either, .deb doesn’t work and it’s putting up a real fight to get any other solution to work too, is there any news of new release that will fix this?


Any news, when the repository will be updated?

Still no news on updating the repo @uroni ??

It is there.

Hi all - I am not able to get client working on either

I have used this
sudo urbackupclientctl start -i
Error starting backup. No backup server found.

i’d really like to use this, can anybody help? I will have to consider something else if I cant troubleshoot this soon