Ubuntu 10.04 HOWTO install 1.4.10 and newer client?

How can I install the newest client (urbackup-client-1.4.10) on Ubuntu 10.04?

Currently I get the following compile error:

checking for wxWidgets version >= 2.9.0… no (version 2.8.10 is not new enough)
configure: error:
The requested wxWidgets build couldn’t be found.

I can get the older urbackup-client-1.4.8 compiled and installed but it has some bugs I can’t work past so I’d really like to get this newer version installed.

Thanks for any help.

Hi Keith,

I solved it by adding an extra repository to ubuntu apt
edit /etc/apt/sources.list and add deb http://repos.codelite.org/wx3.0.2/debian/ wheezy libs
Save it and run apt-get update && apt-get upgrade, then proceed with the normal installation.