Typo in dutch translation

There seems to be a typo in in the Dutch translation (Nederlands). On the server settings -> General -> Internet the forth option reads: “Geen image back-up over internet:” which translates in english to, “don’t do image backups over internet”. I interpret this as a checkbox to turn off, since i DO want to create image backups over the internet. However I noticed this turns off the checkbox “Do image backups over internet” on the client, verified if i read the global server settings from the API that checking the checkbox change:

‘internet_image_backups’: False while unchecking it sets it to : ‘internet_image_backups’: True

So i assume it’s a small typo. If there’s another Dutch user out there, can you confirm for me? I think the best translation would be:

“Maak image back-up over internet” instead of the “Geen image back-up over internet” that it is now.


I can confirm that your assumption is right: the original English string is “Do image backups over internet”, so exactly the inverse of the Dutch translation.

There is also a problem with the option below it: “Maak volledige image back-ups over internet:”. The original English string is “Do full file backups over internet” (so FILE backups instead of IMAGE backups).

I have corrected the translations in Transifex, together with some minor improvements and missing translations. I hope they will be part of a future release of UrBackup.