Two HDD / multiple harddrives

Is it possible to add the second harddrive to the configuration? I have one SATA HDD right now (160GB) and I want to add another one (1TB) to the other port. Is it possible to do it in current verions of UrBackup?
I found one post on the internet, from two years ago, saying that it is not possible yet.
Did anything change?

If yes, then where to look for an answer?


You can perform a software RAID and span the drives together, if that is what you are asking; however, I believe that formats the drives.

It’s not what it. What I am looking for is something like mounting a harddrive and using only it to store backup images files and at the same time the other harddrive is storing regular backup files.

You can hard-link the drive, but the issue is the backup software only looks for one location - and hard links normally didn’t go so well last time I did it (well, it worked, but there were errors everywhere).

You would have to go through and manually move the image files onto the other drive - unless someone else has figured a way to do this automatically?

Thank you for the answer.
I think the best way is to add the new harddrive and install UrBackup again on the new one.
Do you think simple copy-paste of all files would do the job (to migrate the whole linux with urbackup system to the new hdd)?

There is a live storage migration option discussed in the admin manual.