Trying to restore a linux image backup over internet - incredibly slow


So, our scenario is this. We are using urbackup for offsite file and image backup for our linux servers. In the event of a disaster at the local site we want to be able to quickly restore an image to a new linux machine in a different location. In our tests, even if the locations are very close and ping times are good, even a very small restore takes MANY hours. We are using the restore iso, to boot the new machine, put in the server info and restore the image. Is there a way for us to simply move the .vhdz backup file (and the 4 other files) to a machine at the new location so restore will be fast?

Thank you

“slow”, “Many hours”, “very small restore”, “close to each other” …

What are the throughput speeds for any other protocol/transfer over the same link?

Have you created the backups using the same connection and were things as expected? You probably realize incremental backups dont use much bandwith, so initial backup on site and incremental backups offsite will work, until you need to restore maybe?