Trying to mount image, but no error to UrBackup.log?

Basic setup here, in my lab, so not production. I’m trying to use the web interface to mount the VHD file. At first, I thought it was because I was generating VHDz files (which may be an issue). But I switched to VHD, and verified on-disk that VHD files (not VHDz) are being generated.

However, whenever I try to mount via the webGUI it says an error occurred, and to check the logs. However I never see any output generated to the /var/log/UrBackup.log file that is relevant to me trying to mount the VHD.

I’m pretty sure I’m missing something here, but I’m not sure what. I am confused by the VHD part, but also that the log entry is not being made. What’s up with both of these?

Please advise :slight_smile:


Looks like my report : Mounting image failed

It might be, but the thing is, I have not done any fuse configs or anything like that, because I don’t know what steps I should take in the first place (not documented?). And no log errors, gives me no idea where to begin.

But yeah, looks related maybe?

Yeah, and it was working fine with Server 2.1.x with “stock” Debian fuse config, so i don’t this is related to any fuse misconfiguration …

Well, my setup is with Ubuntu, with the PPA. So I don’t know if that did any fuse stuff during the install. Do you know if it’s different between Debian and Ubuntu in this regard?

Good to know it worked in the previous version out of the box! :smiley: