Trying to migrate storage, Server 2.2.4 + 2012 R2

Trying to move my UrBackup set to a larger 5TB disk array.
I created the migrate_storage_to file, and entered new folder name:

Q:\UrBackup Storage

Then I created that folder in Q:
Started UrBackup service, but log is full of repeated errors for all existing backups:

2017-10-05 15:49:08: ERROR: Error creating folder “Q:\UrBackup Storage\\Ironhide\171004-0202_incomplete.hashes”. The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. (code: 123)
2017-10-05 15:49:08: ERROR: Copying backup id 6065 path 171004-0202 of client “Ironhide” failed.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong …
I thought maybe at first the double \ was because I had entered “Q:\UrBackup Storage” with the trailing backslash, but a second attempt without it still failed.

I should also mention that it did create all the client computer subfolders and all their backup folders (with “incomplete” appended). It also created the inode_db with 1TB inode_db.lmdb file.

No ideas, anyone? I’ve got a few TB of backups and it would be quite a pain to lose it all.

OK Just reporting back as to what the problem ended up being - UrBackup does not like having a space in the path.

I renamed the destination folder from “Q:\UrBackup Storage” to just “Q:\UrBackup” and now it’s running fine.

@uroni - may just want to update the admin manual to mention that.

So, it finished but is now starting again with the backups that had completed in the days during this migration.

I got quite a few failures on older backups as it progressed:

10/28/17 08:39 INFO Copying backup id 275 path 160516-1834 of client “Server”…
10/28/17 08:47 ERROR Copying backup id 275 path 160516-1834 of client “Server” failed.

When I look in the server logs, this is what it says:

2017-10-28 08:47:42: ERROR: Directory pool path target “P:\UrBackup Storage\Server.directory_pool\uO\uO53jJ1bRM14643383701257983828” does not exist
2017-10-28 08:47:42: ERROR: Copying backup id 275 path 160516-1834 of client “Server” failed.

Is this something I need to be concerned about? It happens on most of the clients, and generally the oldest backups.

I had basically the exact same experience. Not sure if it’s all good or not. Was nice of the inode file to take up 25% of my total disk space. :expressionless:

Well, this has turned into a complete disaster. None of the backups are working, and are stuck in various states of progress.
I’ve tried repair_database, cleanup_database, defrag_database, and nothing is working.
I am close to the point that I just need to force a full re-upload of ~5TB of data.
Where is @uroni when you need him! lol

OK so the disk usage it absolutely ridiculous now. I’ve lost half my backups’ history and I’m still nearly out of space, after migrating to a drive that’s twice as large.

I deleted the inode file, as I don’t believe it is needed after the migration is “finished.”

And now I see this in my UrBackup storage folder…

I renamed the inode_db and it created a new one. Still want to know what it’s for, documentation for this is terrible,

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