Trying to get an XP computer to backup with latest server

Hello folks, could anyone here please comment/help with this problem.

You might like to refer to my post Included files in backup, naming convention problems? under client for more information on my recent journey.

One of the computers on my test set up at present is an XP Windows machine with SP3 and I am not getting any sensible backups at all. I have checked all the settings and in fact they are the same as 2 other Windows 7 computers on the network which are backing up OK…

With the XP machine I have it set to do image backups of C and F and file backups of H, G and I partitions.

If I start an image backup it fails with the log message “Request of image backup failed. Reason: Creating Shadow drive failed. Stopping.”

If I start a file backup it seems to progress and complete, but the resulting backup is actually a file backup of partitions C and F.

That seems to be where I am stuck, I can’t really offer any further comments parlty probably because I don’t know where to look for more evidence of any problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

As far as I am aware XP is not supported…

Hi Papie,
Did you try to install the 1.4 client on the XP and see if that works for you? I am pretty sure the 2.x is not compatible.

You can download the legacy client from but make sure it doesnt auto-update from the web interface.


Sorry zzzviper - I should have mentioned that I am using vers 1.4.11 client on the XP PC as suggested by others, I could not even install the latest vers…

Current update - I did try uninstalling the client on this PC and reinstalling. Probably not very useful since for one the server would still have lots of settings in its own database and I think that would take a bit to clean it out. As far as I can find out there presently isn’t a way to completely delete and clean out a client from the server in any short way, though it seems it may during “overnight cleanup”.

Having done the above though the file backup DID suddenly start to actually do a backup of the correct volumes/partitions - except that when it finished it said it was completed “with issues” and on checking the log there were 6 faults. Apparently this is not going to be reliable!

The Image backup set to backup C and F will not work at all and just simply fails at the start.

So unless anyone has any better suggestions it doesn’t look like a goer. I may try the same thing on another XP PC yet, just being curious - but as we say in Aust. no sweat, there are other ways to do this and I don’t really expect to be relying on XP PCs very much in future.


Out of curiosity I installed client vers 1.4.11 on to another Win XP PC just to see if it would backup to my test system.

That computer seemed to work fine with both an image backup of 2 partitions (including the C system drive) and another containing applications plus a file backup of 3 data partitions. The only error was a warning in the file backup, the log said the data may not be consistent.

The XP computer I had been having problems with is unchanged and would not be a goer for a reliable backup at all.

My conclusion, backup of Win XP PCs is not going to work reliably and I will be better off using other means where necessary.