Trying to do a restore

I am still in the process of testing urbackup before I push out it out to the workstations, I have been able to backup some pc but I cant seem to find the restore button to see if I can actually restore what I have backed up.

A detailed explanation will be welcomed. It is a windows based backup. Thanks

There are three ways to accomplish what you want - either restore via admin web interface (Backups tab, select a pc that interests you), download the files you want from the same page, or right click the tray icon, select Restore/Access Backups (something along those lines, should be the first choice) and then select files that you want restored :slight_smile:

Ok, I have done some digging and I noticed that the workstation (Windows 7) I am using for test, there is a restore button,

But the server I also tried backing up (win server 2003) there is no restore button and when I check the logs, I see these errors