Truenas Scale and NFS Share

I’m struggling getting the urbackup server running. I have Urbackup on Ubuntu 20.04 on a VM in Proxmox. I also have Truenas Scale running on it’s own VM. I have a NFS dataset owend by root that I am mounting on the Ubuntu VM. The installation keeps failing because the process is trying to chmod the mounted storage folder. The ubuntu server cannot chmod the directory as that is controlled by Turenas. I can get urbackup to work if I do not use the nfs share and the directory is owned by urbackup UID 116 and urbackup GID 119. Both of those UID and GID are already used in Truenas What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help.

Hi I have the same installation on many systems.
1. TrueNAS Scale

  • Create user “urbackup” UID 5011 (you can use also other UID but later you have to use same)
  • Create group “urbackup” GID 5011
  • Dataset setting ACL Type = SMB/NFSv4
  • Dataset settings ACL Modus = Passthough
  • Dataset ACL owner and group to urbackup with full Control and Inherit Flag (you can add additional ACL rights as you wish)
  • NFS Share add default
  • NFS Service Settings Protocols (NFSv3 and NFSv4) enable also Serve UDP NFS client and Allow non-root Mount

2. Ubuntu Urbackup Settings

  • install nfs-common
  • and following points
systemctl stop urbackupsrv.service

nano /etc/passwd
# change urbackup UID 5011  GID 5011

nano /etc/group
# chagen urbackup GID 5011

# find the files you need to change
find / -user urbackup
find / -user 109
find / -group 116

# change the owner and group of these files
chown -R urbackup:urbackup /var/urbackup
chown urbackup:urbackup /var/log/urbackup*
chown -R urbackup:urbackup /tmp-urbackup

# TrueNAS changes (described in the top topic TrueNAS)
create urbackup 5011 user and group
add user urbackup to group backup because backup owner of the mainfolder

# edit fstab
<nfs server>:/mnt/tank/<path of nfs share> /mnt/<mount folder> nfs defaults 0 0
# at my system it will connect with nfs4 you can check with command mount at console

systemctl start urbackupsrv.service```

Thanks @Tschak! I think this will help me out on a lot more projects.


to have also access as root to nfs share

TrueNAS Scale add at Edit NFS Share “Maproot User = root” ad “Maproot Group = root”