Trouble restoring from client agent

I am doing a test of the software.

Setup the server Windows 10 - 2.4.13
Setup a client on a Windows 2008 R2 with a test folder and 16 gig of data with modified security permissions.

Backups go fine. Both Full and incremental.

When I select “access/restore backups”
I get the web interface and select restore on the test folder.
I get the pop-up on the client about restoring files.
I click ok and the prompt changed to “restoring files: 0%” and never moves.

Any thoughts.


Sorry forgot to add the client is 2.4.11


Having similar issue, except server is on a linux box and the client is server2019 VM.

I can “download folder as zip” and move the file, but restoring just 1 file doesn’t work.

Log on server says “Restore was declined by client” even though OK was clicked on client pop-up message.