Trouble Opening WAL file - Error Code: 283

Server is a 64-bit Dell PowerEdge 2950 with Windows Server 2012 R2 installed - Currently running 2.0.32 Server, but problem started back on 2.0.31 (as far as I can recall).

This is what has been coming up recently when I go to run scripts.




Don’t know how to proceed; read from another post about SQLite commands, but I never found anything concrete on what to put in to check.

… and now it is showing no file/image backups.

The settings opening error is fixed with 2.0.33.

What was the reason you started the cleanup/repair scripts?

It is fixed now:

@uroni I occasionally go in to use a remove_unknown.bat script when backups error out; however, that error started popping up and ran one of the other scripts – the defrag and cleanup. Those errored out with that message, so I ran a repair. That one errored out…

Eventually I got to double checking everything with SQLite, and everything was “ok” there… I dunno; as long as the backups are going again and everything is back to normal, then I just won’t touch those scripts anymore… and I’ll update.