Tray icon not seen

I have setup the urbackup client on Linux Mint as per the instructions from the link . The client is detected by server, but I am unable to start the urbackup client on the client PC and add backup paths,
Please help


Sorry. UrBackup uses wxWidgets to show the tray icon. So it is more a wxWidgets problem. If it does not work this is probably due to the tray icon API fragmentation. The tray icon is shown in a small window in Unity, and does not work either, for example.

If you do not need the info that a backup is taking place, you could setup everything on the server (via default paths to backup) and just use the background process.

Thanks Uroni,
But is there a way I can configure path in client side, like can do it by editing any urbackup file in client pc


Currently not, because it has to run through the daemon process.

It shouldn’t be hard to port the command line client ( ) to Linux and to add this.