Tray icon does not display - Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

When running urbackupclientgui at terminal cursor just stays blinking. Tray icon does not display so cannot select path to backup. Communication to server seems to be working as the client show up in status page.

Nobody seems to care that it does not work. And I don’t care either :wink: Over five years ago:

I didn’t know it was removed. But what’s the command: urbackupclientgui for, I guess for other Linux distros? I understand the Ubuntu unity and issue. So, the official way to add paths is through ‘urbackupclientctl’? And so it is. Thanks for the reply. Great job with UrBackup. Still trying it out in the hopes fully being implemented.

Perhaps it would be helpful to add a note that it does not work in Step 6 of the Ubuntu install instructions in . Would save time searching for the reason why it seems to be broken.