Tossing out incremental and restarting full backups after Server Backup Drive Failure

The 8tb drive that was storing our urbackups failed about a week ago. Not grea,t but not a catastrophe. I quickly bought an exact replacement drive installed and it looked like URbackup continued on it’s merry way. except it’s insisting on continuing with incremental backups and failing. Hittiing Stop in activities has no effect the log says:


04/21/20 10:57 DEBUG Loading “D/IT/ISO/Img/Asus7/19E7E68C0BA76B09-00-00.mrimg”. 52% finished 86.3484 GB/163.319 GB at 18.0439 MBit/s
** 04/21/20 10:58 ERROR
04/21/20 10:58 DEBUG Loading “D/IT/ISO/Img/Asus7/19E7E68C0BA76B09-00-00.mrimg”. 52% finished 86.5075 GB/163.319 GB at 18.026 MBit/s

so it just continues with the bad useless incremental. and the new “forced” full I backup just stays queued.

when the drive failed it was no big deal, but now it’s going on 2 weeks without a valid backup.

any ideas how i can get this back on track, throwing away the incremental and doing a new full backup?


I think running the remove-unknown script /batch file should alert it to the fact the backups are gone. My experience is it takes a while running, though I’ve not run it for that purpose.

There’s probably some better or faster way though.

Maybe wait for someone more expert to chime in? Though I’d think running it would be harmless.