Too many clients

Hi All,

The server shows too many clients
Only supports four customers and not the others.

I have reinstalled the client and also the server.

We use version 1.4.7 for client and server.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

For the server rejects, you will need to either reinstall UrBackup or change the server_idents.txt file on them; I used to copy them from a good computer and move them to the problem one.

i.e. Copy the C:\Program Files\UrBackup\server_idents.txt from LIM231, and put it on LIM214.

As for the other two that show too many clients, it is possible that you have added more than the server itself will accept. By default, it will handle like 100 clients or so; that can be changed from the Webinterface -> Settings -> Max Active Clients.

I gave a windows example on where to find the file, because you did not specify your file system; if you are using Linux, it should be under /var/,/tmp/, or /opt/.

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