Time Zone Used for Client Settings?

I have set up ‘Max backup speed for internet connection: 25%@Mon-Fri/04:00-20:00;95%’ What time zone should that setting be using? Client local time? Server time? UTC? I am seeing usage patterns that would suggest the schedule is working but not in the time zone of the client or server.

Can you try to set same time and timezone on clients and server then reply with result?
NTP servers for example: https://www.ntppool.org/en/
Related to your location.

I’ve been through the entire Administration Manual using the search term 'time" and am sadly unable to answer the question.

Given that this is internet enabled thus server & client aren’t guaranteed to be in the same TZ it would make sense to use UTC throughout, or provide a means to choose if it should use UTC or server local time, but only @uroni or someone prepared to dig through the source will be able to tell you the answer, it doesn’t appear to be stated in the manual. Being in the UK myself I can’t help much by observation, UTC & local time currently match for myself & all my clients.

Ok. If my understanding is right the logic is: urbackup client retriev settings from server while establish connection to it. On client side settings same as determined on server for backup job window. Following this logic client will do jobs on time that on local machine.

My understanding from reading here is that the server initiates starting backups, based off its determination of timekeeping & intervals. It would seem logical it would use it’s own clock to determine if that’s inside or outside the server defined backup window.

What isn’t clear is if it uses local time or UTC, or even if that’s consistent between Windows & Linux servers, I’ve come across other software where it wasn’t since it referred to the system hardware RTC, which Windows defaults to setting local time & Linux to setting as UTC if they’re permitted to update it according to their default behaviour.

This was my assumption as well. I asked my network engineer for an updated graph to see teh data usage after changing the time windows to UTC.

The throttling is currently done on the server. There it uses the local time.

OK so my devices in EST would need a big enough throttle window to account for the server’s PST time difference. Got it. Thanks.

This hasn’t been the case for me. All my clients and server are EST, I had my backups scheduled for 1am-5am, just kicked off at 9pm. Seems the schedule is based of UTC timezone - I did verify all my systems are using my correct timezone.

If you are using docker, make sure the time zone is correctly set in the docker container

I am using the AWS appliance. Server is set to PST but all activities seem to still be using UTC.

Ahh ok, I just checked and the (old) AWS appliance (i.e. not the newest image) runs in a container of sorts and the timezone in the container is overriden every reboot by the host timezone. Will be fixed with the next update (though you might have to click the save button for the timezone again at that point).