Time to take the settings of a created Group

Hello here is Jose from Spain,

I have six urbackup servers working fine over six different physical locations.
The servers are making backups over windows 10 computers in each location.
I want create a backup that include the PST file and other backup that not include the PST file two times ina a month.
For do it, I create two groups in the servers, one group contain the PST files and the backup will be executed each 15 days and then I will move the components of the group to another group and the PST files will be not copied in this group.

This is my policy but the error is when I create a group, the settings of this group is not taken in the moment of creation either after. The group settings that copy PST is not taken to make the backup, the PST are missing.

Somebody can help me about this problem with the creation groups?

This is my configuration, is better to explain it like this:

I repeat, the issue is that the settings are takean by urbackup days after configuration these groups.

Any idea why is occurring this?