Things need to be more polished

I gave it a try to test UrBackup. The software has promising features however there are a few issues
already at installation that should not be done that way.

Server (Linux):

  1. Installing the .deb package creates in linux a file /etc/default/urbackup with 755 rights. This should
    be 644, 640 or 600, same in /var/urbackup. No need to put executable .exe, .sig, .properties or backup_server_files.*
  2. For some reason the webgui does not point to the path defined at package installation but at:
  3. Package install tries to chown directories to urbackup, but when this has be done already or at reinstallation, whatever to operate on an existing directory with the proper rights.
    It returns an error despite the userrights are set already to the correct values. First test if the directory is setup already in good order, then threw an error.
  4. At uninstallation of the package using purge, the uninstallation process points to unexisting files such as:
    rm: cannot remove ‘/etc/init.d/urbackup_srv’: No such file or directory
    rm: cannot remove ‘/etc/default/urbackup_srv’: No such file or directory
    rm: cannot remove ‘/etc/urbackup’: No such file or directory
  5. Data files should have g+w specs by default
  6. Diskimages should contain (if possible) the UUID of the drive

Windows Client:

  1. Data should not be stored in program files but in %PROGRAMDATA% and %APPDATA%
  2. The client should have the three buttons run, stop, pause. At installation the client should be in STOP,
    seen additional settings could be needed (such as the right client name) The icon on the statusbar
    should show run, pause and stop subicons in the right(down) corner
  3. client name should be a FQDN, not by default the hostname without domain.
  4. Optionally 3) can be the UUID or a combo FQDN_UUID
    In windows you query the UUID doing #wmic csproduct get UUID
  5. The executable should ask if it is a systemwide install or only for the user. In the first case the installation process should ask for admin rights to install. In the second case, diskimage should be turned off and not possible, except if the user has admin rights.
  6. Backup delay after system start should not be empty but have a value such as 5 min at least by default
  7. Filebackup should also have an option turn on/off

At installation a procedure should be in place to backup/printout the keys, including the option to restore/input them from recovery.