The same folder names in the ways local drives "c" and "d"

Excuse me for my english.

Noticed a problem with the same folder names with different discs.
For example: C: \ TEXT \ and d: \ TEXT \
Many similar folders on disk “C” drive and “D”.
Data is being copied to a folder and TEXT TEXT_0
The prefix “_0” does not depend on the disc name (“C” or “D”).

Possible as that bind to the name of the folder drive?

On disk “C” and “D” are directories with the same programs, but with different data. How accurately distinguish them in the copy UrBackup?

Excuse me for my english. Translated using Google Translate.

I think I understand what you are saying… What is your native language?

If what I am understanding is correct then you are looking at this from a restore perspective?

In matters of restoring it should not matter what the “_0” prefix is, it should all be logged in the database. When restoring from the web interface you should see the individual drives (for file restores). In matters of image restores the restore live disc should still see individual drives, and label them as such.

Am I close to what you are after?

My language is Russian.
You understood correctly.
Restore files can only live disc?

You can also give the different backup paths names. Either via the tray icon “interface” (click on the backup path, change the name on the bottom, and then click okay.

If you specify them via the server you do it like this: C:\TEXT|C_TEXT;D:\TEXT|D_TEXT

File restores can be completed only from the web interface. Image restores can only be completed from the live disc.

How to restore the directory via the web interface? I can not find this feature. As in the web interface to distinguish between two directories C: \ TEXT and D: \ TEXT