The cllient is running in the windos pc, but the server indicate to the client not online


The cllient is running in the windos pc, but in the server indicate to client not online and not execute the copies. The client has registry in the server and exist client copies, but now the server indicate to client is ofline and not run new copies.


I am not entirely sure I understand you. I get the feeling that English is not your native tongue?

If I understand, the server is saying that the client is not online, and is also not running any backups?

For starters, is the client on the same network as the server, or is it connecting across the internet? Can you tell us the client and server version that you are running currently?

yes ,i am spanish and my english level is not very high.

we have instaled 1.4.11 version and we have planificate copies with thesame
frecuency to many client but they don`t do it to some of them.

a high percent executed ok but i have some computers configurated in the
server yet and they have previous copies and they are conected in the same net
but the server indicated that they arent online and intead of do the copies every five hours like with the other make the copies every week and i dont know why.

Sounds like, to me at least, that something has gone wrong with your client-side service. Whether it is just not running, or if it is unable to communicate with the server.

  • On the Windows client, look in the bottom right of the screen the “notification bar” and click on the UrBackup icon. See if it can see your server from the status page.

  • If your client can see your server, (I am assuming it can since you say that it backs up once a week) then check the individual backup times for those specific machines. You could also have the issue that there are too many backups at once, and there are no more open slots for backups - in which case they have to wait until there is an open slot.

  • However, normally if a client is shown to be offline - it is either offline because of the service, or because it does not identify the server. May want to check services.msc or copy your server_idents.txt from an online client to the client that is giving you trouble.

On the UrBackup client icon appear status idle, the last backup date and it doesn’t appear servers connections.

The client configuration is the same that the other clients, and the other clients run ok. In the server are idle connections and the other clients runs copies normally without any problems.

I view the services is ok, the firewall configuration is ok, I have proven to copy servers_idents.txt from an online client but the client is not ok, and not run
copies normally.

Hm… Don’t really know where to go from there.

Maybe you are backing up more than what your maximum machine count can handle; for example, you are backing up 21 PCs and UrBackup can only handle 20?

I’m only addressing one of the two issues, in hopes of “hitting two birds with one stone.”

It is strange how the configurations being the same would cause different results, and why it shows to be offline even though it backs up once a week; however, that could be the root of your problem.

If it is failing to check-in with the others, then I think you’re having more of a network problem.

The maximum number of clients exceded is not probably, because i can create new clients, and these clients backup execute correctly.

Can you try reinstalling the client? To do a full reinstall you need to uninstall and wait 5-10 minutes and then install again. A reboot would be better.

I try to realize a whole reinstallation , but the clients still not working properly.