Terribly Slow Speeds

Whats causing a delay like this?

the server is in my network and storage is a usb attached to the server. ISP speed is 300/300. I have great speeds all around.

This happened a couple times already and ny fix was restarting the services but obviously i cant keep manually doing that


Can you provide some more details about the clients, the server, and the network?

It’s quite difficult to say anything meaningful without that info… (OS, specs, etc)

Also, since this appears to be an Internet backup, but you only mentioned one ISP, what is the speed of the other ISP involved?


both client and server are on 2.4.11. Windows 10 OS on both Client and server. Server is in the same LAN. Maybe thats the issue, why would it be an internet backup if its all in the same lan?

What hard drives are you using, SMR maybe? Ive seen ETA like yours on SMR+ZFS setup.

Backing up from ssd or nve to a Samsung external drive. It’s not an ssd though